April, 2019

KAMA - Rovaco Dance Company

Choregrapher: Rohan Bhargava, LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, Long Island City, NYC

MAY, 2019

Selected Scenes - Project 44 - Spring to dance festival

Choregrapher: Gierre Godley, Lee Theater, St. Louis, MO

JUNE, 2019

Hunting Year - Angie Moon Dance Theater

Chorgeaoher: Angie Conte, The Jack Crystal Theater, NYU/Tisch Dance, NYC

JULY, 2019

LEAVING EDEN - by jenny wAxman & Ben Page (Projection design)

Director: James Monaghan, New York Musical Festival

October, 2019

Red Speedo By Lucas Hnath

Quinnipiac University, Hamden CT

November, 2019

Baltimore By Kristen GreenidgE

Quinnipiac University, Hamden CT